about me

My name is Yemon Lee, I am a multidisciplinary designer based in Auckland specialising in digital design, such as graphic design, UI/UX design, video and sound production, and interactive design. I have been involved in the creative industry for more than 10 years in Auckland and Hong Kong. My focus is always on how to create efficient and effective interactions between users and interfaces, not just for the sake of beauty, but aware of whether the product meets the users’ expectations.

While freelancing in the last few years, I completed Master of Creative Technologies at AUT, I gained skills such as Unity 3D game design, coding, animations, VR technology, and 3D printing.  Art, design, and technology have always been my interests. I have good self-discipline and time management simply because I love what I am doing. I am a good team player, who always sharing new knowledge and helping others to come up with solutions. I like learning new software and research on technical solutions.